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Have you ever bought a “knock off” handbag or pair of sunglasses? They look almost identical to the designer versions, but they really don’t seem to last or perform like the real thing.   The same can be said about non CSA or ULC approved products.

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of counterfeit products, electrical and otherwise, coming into Canada every year. Sure they’re cheap, and they may even seem to work ok for a while. But there can be some very serious consequences! Anything that runs on electricity, such as toys, appliances, extension cords, power tools, and other electronic devices, if not properly manufactured, can be unsafe and could cause shocks or even fires.

Here are some ways to spot a counterfeit electrical product:

  1. The price is unusually low.
  2. The packaging is shoddy, and often has spelling mistakes.
  3. The construction is poor. The item may feel light and flimsy, not solid.
  4. The package does not have a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) symbol, or other type of certification. Sometimes the package may have one, but the product does not.
  5. The product likely doesn’t have a recognized brand name.
  6. The product is normally sold in packages, but is being sold as an individual item.

A low, low price on an electrical product may look tempting, but can you really say it’s worth the risk?



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