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With the addition of our new Deputy Fire Chief/Chief Training Officer Jason Whiteley, focus in 2013 will be on officer and firefighter development. Norfolk County Fire & Rescue Services currently participates in the Joint Training Action Group with our neighbouring fire departments to the west, whereby our new recruits attend one weekend a month for six months to attain the firefighter component 1 level. We will also develop a program that will move all our existing firefighters to the component 1 level within the next few years.

In addition, we will continue to develop our officers and officer candidates. In 2013, and in cooperation with the Ontario Fire College, we will be conducting the Company Officer (CO) level 1 program, and we have the means within our department to conduct the training right here in Norfolk County, thus lessening the impact on the need to travel to the Ontario Fire College.

We will continue to facilitate these training initiatives with our staff to show our sincere interest in providing our officers and firefighers the necessary skills to conduct safe fireground operations.



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  1. Frank Peach says:

    Having spent 20 years as a member of the Simcoe Fire Dept., 20 years with the Stelco Fire Dept. and 3 years as a commissioner for the Blandford NS Fire Dept. I was pleased to read of the plans for training within the Dept. and I hope it goes as planned.
    Frank Peach, Fire Fighter retired

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