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HELLO 2019

Message from Chief Gord Stilwell

On behalf of our 254 dedicated and professional volunteer firefighters and fire department administrative staff, I would like to bring greetings to you in 2019 as we continue to provide valued and trusted customer service to the residents of Norfolk County. We have successfully received re-certification of our Superior Water Shuttle Program, thus providing strategic water sources throughout Norfolk County for fireground operations, and also allowing many home owners a reduction in their home insurance rates.

We will continue to engage our residents with our smoke/co alarm program, organize our customer service delivery through the provision of fire safety education and emergency preparedness education at schools and special events, conduct fire code inspections upon complaint or request, and provide emergency response whereby adequate staffing and apparatus are deployed in a timely manner. We will ensure our firefighters and officers have the required training, skill, and ability to respond to an emergency at your home or business.

Please remember to pull to the right if you see an oncoming vehicle with a green light activated. Our firefighters require your assistance to allow them to pass safely to arrive at the fire station. Please check your smoke/co alarms regularly, plan your escape, and be diligent when cooking.