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2024 Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Recruitment Details:

Please use our interactive community mapping to determine what fire district you reside in. Once the community map is open, follow these instructions to show the district boundaries:

  • Select "Layer List"
  • Select "Administrative Boundaries"
  • Select the drop-down to open up additional sub-categories
  • Select "Fire Divisions"
  • Find your residence and see what district it resides in

Recruitment Process:

Complete an online application, including your resume, a driver abstract form and a declaration of criminal record check. These documents will be available for completion once the application period is open.

Complete an aptitude test containing questions on oral comprehension, reading and writing ability, math, mechanical skills, map reading, and interpersonal relations.

Similar sample questions can be found here:

Perform a series of tests to determine if you can perform essential job tasks at fire scenes:

  • Ladder Lift
  • Load Carry and Climb
  • Equipment Hoisting
  • Victim Drag
  • Confined Space confidence
  • Confidence with heights

Participate in a behaviour-style interview with the station officers and a human resources member. All candidates will be asked the same questions.

Applicants must obtain medical, hearing, and vision testing/evaluations.

Firefighter Testimonials

With these video testimonials, learn what it’s like to serve the community as a Norfolk County firefighter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Volunteer Firefighters are compensated hourly for responding to emergency calls, training, and other fire department-related activities.

Commencing effective your start date, you will be entitled to the following benefits (include but are not limited to):

  • On Duty Accident and Sickness coverage
  • Off Duty Accident coverage
  • Life Insurance up to $50,000
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Optional Family Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage for an additional fee

Additional information will be provided if successful in the hiring process.

The Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit is available for those volunteers who regularly attend fire meetings, respond and are on call for all emergency calls, and attend related training programs/workshops. Any volunteer firefighter who contributes at least 200 hours of service per year can apply for the tax credit.

No, you may only apply to the station that is in the fire district where your residence is

For reasons of safety, facial hair that may affect the integrity of the face piece seal of
self-contained breathing apparatus, i.e. beards, bushy moustaches, and long
sideburns are not permitted.

No, your application may be submitted without these documents. These documents will be required at various stages in the process as outlined in the application process.

No, you will only be required to attend specific training related to mandatory Norfolk County Fire Department training. This training is specific to our operations, equipment, personal protective equipment, and policies and procedures.  These specifics will be provided to you if you are successful in the hiring process.

Each fire station typically has its own firefighter association, separate and independent from the Norfolk County Fire Department and not under municipal oversight. These associations serve as social and support networks for firefighters, organizing events and activities to foster camaraderie and support the local community. Although encouraged, participation in these associations is optional and not mandatory to maintain employment as a volunteer firefighter.

Year 1 NFPA 1001- Firefighter I


Approximately 15 training sessions and on-line training (mixture of weekday nights and Saturdays completed between Jan-Sept)
Year 2 NFPA 1001- Firefighter II Approximately 10 training sessions and on-line training (mixture of weekday nights and Saturdays
NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response- Operation Level
Year 3 NFPA 1002- Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Approximately 10 training sessions and on-line training (mixture of weekday nights and Saturdays
NFPA 1006- Standard for Technical Rescue- Water Rescue Operations Level
NCFD Driver Training Program

  • Simcoe- Monday
  • Port Dover- Thursday
  • Waterford- Thursday
  • Teeterville- Monday
  • Delhi- Tuesday
  • Courtland- Wednesday
  • Langton- Tuesday
  • Fairground- Wednesday
  • Port Rowan- Wednesday
  • St. Williams- Monday
  • Vittoria- Monday

Recruitment Questions:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 226-NORFOLK (226-667-3655) ext 2401